Glider Nook

Only the best for your sugar gliders!






Adoption Questionnaire

Newby's Glider Nook Adoption Questionnaire:
Please answer these few questions when contacting us about adopting one of our beautiful joeys.
1. Do you already own gliders and if so: How many and how long have you had them?
2. Are you breeding or interested in breeding gliders or pet only sugar gliders?
3. Do you already have a diet that you offer or know which diet you plan to feed?
4. Are you going to need a payment plan or paying in full?
5. Will you need shipping or can you drive to meet up?
6. Do you have a vet that currently see's your sugar gliders or a vet lined up?
7. What size cage do you have or plan on getting?
8. Do you already have a wheel or plan on getting one and if so, which one?