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News and Updates

Here you will find updates on things going on at Newby's Glider Nook.  Everything from Gatherings that we are going to, joey's going home and just little interesting stories about our gliders.


We have many sugar gliders and joeys available for adoption at low pet only and breeding adoption fees.  Contact us to find out how you can secure a deposit to hold one till it is ready to go home!

We did alot of cleaning this weekend in the glider room and took a few pictures of new joeys that came out of pouch too!

The first weekend in Novemeber we will be going to a glider gathering in Florida and we hope to see you there!  Here is the link if your interested in going.... (the first date got changed due to Hurricane Irma)


Don't forget that we will be traveling to Florida the first weekend in Novemeber and we haver several joeys that we could delive if your close to the area that we are going too!  Saves you on shipping!

After the passing of one of my old men last week and not having any updated pictures of him in the last few years, it made me realize how important it is to be able to have those pictures available.... so remember everyone, keep those pictures going no matter how long you've had your babies.   I spent a couple of hours last night taking some new pictures of some of my other gliders that I haven't gotten pictures of in quite some time.


We have gotten back from the Florida Gathering and gotten caught back up on everything around here.   I have to tell you that I had a great time in Florida and met some awesome owners that I haven't met before, did a little sight seeing and learned some new medical issues that I didn't know sugar gliders could get.  

I had new joeys that came out of pouch this past week as well as some joeys that went to new homes.  Nothing makes me happier than matching up someones dream gliders to give them great new homes.

Check out our updated joeys for adoption and won't you consider adding a sweet new joey to your colony?